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Personalized WordPress VPS Hosting

More Than Just Managed.

While WP Engine and Cloudways offer a wealth of managed options, it’s easy to get lost. We’ll do more than just manage.

Let us handle everything, personalizing your service from start to finish. We include dedicated support, maintenance, migration, and all the setup in-between. Every site includes a dedicated high-speed VPS server and a flexible pricing model built to scale to your specific needs.

Start to finish, we’ll personalize everything.

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What We Provide

Personalized WordPress Hosting on a Dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS).

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Fast & Available

Utilizing a dedicated VPS provides incredibly fast access to your site. Load balancing, regional servers, Cloudflare CDN, and external databases are also available.

We use commercially reasonable efforts to provide each site hosted with a Monthly Uptime Percentage of 99.0%.

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Dedicated Support

Shared hosting may be cheaper, but it lacks a personal touch. Many shared users don’t have the knowledge and experience necessary to manage, secure, and support the site as necessary. Shared hosting providers promise you uptime that is fully dependent on your ability to provide maintenance.

Beyond the included benefits that come with managed hosting, we provide face to face consulting and unlimited email support.

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Safe & Secure

Multiple tiers of protection via managed firewalls, Cloudflare, and security updates. A free SSL Certificate is provided and setup for every site.
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Backups. x2.

Daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual backups are stored in at least 2 locations and include RAID 1 redundancy. In other words, we include backups to your backups in every package.

A house in a neighborhood catches fire because his neighbor's house is on fire. This is similar to shared hosting.

Personalized VPS ESTATES

Shared Hosting = Shared Problems

In the hosting game, sharing isn’t caring. Think of a shared server as a crowded neighborhood. If your neighbor’s house is on fire, your backyard barbecue is automatically cancelled. Fire trucks clog the street, and your own home is at risk too.

Dedicated Virtual Servers are your own online kingdom. No nosy neighbors, no shared headaches.

We’ll give you a Static IP on a totally private Virtual Private Server (VPS). That means the resources you pay for are all yours, no sharing. You won’t get tangled up in your neighbor’s drama—like getting a blacklisted IP or dealing with security issues from the site next door.

A house in a neighborhood catches fire because his neighbor's house is on fire. This is similar to shared hosting.

Personalized WordPress Hosting

Pricing and Details

Compare to WP Engine and Cloudways

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VPS Dedicated Access
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1 GB Memory, 1 Core Processor, 40 GB SSD Storage, and 2 TB Bandwidth

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Cloudflare WAF, VPS Front Door firewall, Backend security, and a free SSL Certificate
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Cloudflare CDN distribution and DNS management

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Static IP address

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Backups stored in the cloud, locally, and on RAID 1 mirrored drives

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Design, Advertising, and Custom API integrations available

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Email routing, spam protection, and integrations available

Contact Us Today to Get Started!

All Personalized VPS services can be customized in price and scale for your unique needs. Free site consultation is available. Free WordPress Migration is available with a one-year contract.

What Our Clients Say

Customer Testimonials

VPS hosting at it’s finest. Chet is collaborative, communicative, and brilliant. My website has never loaded so fast before. No issues here, just great service at a reasonable price.
Barak Miles


Working with Chet has been a pleasure. He is knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and our website is so much faster.

Rhonda Stuart

Director of Operations,

I love my Personalized WordPress service! My site loads incredibly fast and I’ve never had any security issues. The communication is great and the price is well worth the service provided.
Jim Perry

Owner, The Window Wipers

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